About Emoodi

By collating data and transferring it into simple graphs Emoodi will illustrate what moods are being recorded and the friend, activity or day of the week they are linked to. After all, knowledge is power and emojis are fun so why not put them together and see what happens!

Keep Track

Use emojis to keep track of your moods and how you feel.


A timeline and graph give you a visual perspective of your moods.

Easily share

Easily share and compare your moods with friends.

Find out

Find out what friends, activities or days of the week affect your moods.

How it Works


Sign up and create your profile

Sign up and create your profile using email, Facebook or Google.


Select any 16 emojis

Select any 16 emojis you want for recording your moods. There are 32 to choose from.


Get started and post your first mood.

Get started and post your first mood. You have the option to tag a friend, add an activity or attach a note to your entry.


Check out your entries.

Check out your entries. You can edit your note, add comments, discuss with your Emoodi friends, share your page or delete the entry.


The calendar function

The calendar function will highlight the days you have posted a mood. If you forgot a day don't worry you can still add a post. Your emojis will tell you how many times they have been selected that month.


Filter Function

Want specifics then tap on the Filter Function . You can use it to see the moods you posted in relation to a particular friend, activity or date.


Love statistics

Love statistics , go to the Pie Graph. Your emojis will show you what percentage they have been used. For more detail select a friend, activity or day of the week and watch them change.


invite your friends

Make things interesting and invite your friends to use the app. Once you are Emoodi Friends they will be notified of any posts you tag them in. Then you can comment on each other’s posts. Don't worry there is a privacy function if you don't want to share.


Set a reminder

There are more functions too. Set a reminder so you never forget to enter your mood, edit your activities or profile. You can always contact us if you have any questions.

Record, learn and share

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